Mission Statement:
Texas Stock Team wishes to instill genuine interest and knowledge of finance in members by enriching them with an interesting and diverse curriculum, including market jargon, corporate finance, technical analysis, and valuation methodology. Texas Stock Team empowers students in pursuit of careers across the finance industry through extensive mentorship in a close-knit environment.

Texas Stock Team (TST) was founded by Martin Rosas, Sang Shin, and Mickey Damani in the spring of 2013 in hopes of creating a community for novice and experienced traders to learn and share portfolio strategies based on technical analysis. Technical analysis is a form of security evaluation that utilizes patterns and indicators in historical stock charts to assess short-term movements. 


Since 2016, TST has expanded to encompass both fundamental and technical analysis. Novice members with little to no experience are welcome to apply to the organization and become familiar with market jargon, corporate finance, valuation methodology, and technical analysis. They are encouraged to trade in their own time, with real or virtual money on real-time simulators, and eventually form their own portfolio strategies. They are challenged to think like a financial analyst and research different markets and industries.


Texas Stock Team serves as a close-knit environment for ambitious students to delve deeper into finance and learn in a tight community of like-minded peers. Whether you have extensive experience or simply want to learn, Texas Stock Team welcomes you to apply and join the family.

TST Logo, 2013

TST Logo, 2017


After completing TST's vast curriculum, our members and alumni have successfully placed at various financial groups within top firms across the country. They currently work at or are going to begin working at the following firms:

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